In terms of 7:35, this is a new argument developed by the 3rd Khalifa and his era. It is missing from MGA’s books, the 2nd Khalifa’s books and Muhammad Ali’s books. Ahmadis are always making up new arguments, this is just another case of it. Moreover, it should be noted that the Bahai’s use 7:35 as they argue for the new prophethood of their founder. Ahmadis also use 7:35 to argue that prophethood will never end. They also claim that MGA was mentioned in 48:29 of the Quran. They also use 2:4, as they argue that prophethood will not end. It should be noted that the word Rasul is used here in 7:35, and Adam (as) was not a Rasul, nor was he ever mentioned as a prophet by Allah, nevertheless, in this specific verse of the quran, Allah is simply telling the sons of Adam (as) to be ready to accept the messengers that Allah will send.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Quotation

“””O Children of Adam, if there come to you messengers from among you relating to you my verses, then whoever fears Allah and reforms – there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve””” (7:35)
The History of Chapter 7 and Context

Chapter 7 was totally revealed at Mecca, and very early on in the prophetic career of Muhammad (saw) (see the official 5-volume commentary of the Quran by Ahmadis, see page 763), this verse was given to promote the messengership of Muhammad (saw). At the time this verse was revealed, Muhammad (saw) hadn’t been told that he was the FINAL Prophet in the bloodline of prophets and messengers. In fact, Chapter 33 was revealed roughly 10 years after 7:35.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Why did the Ahmadis lie?

After the split in 1914, Mahmud Ahmad and his team of Mullahs began searching the Quran for any argument that would help them establish their “khilafat-business”, they seem to have landed on 7:35 and began promoting it thereafter. The Lahori-Ahmadis never used 7:35 as any argument, even for the metaphoric prophethood of MGA.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadis on social media haven’t read enough

The problem with Ahmadis on social media is that they haven’t ever double checked their mullahs. Ahmadis follow their mullahs fanatically. Whatever an Ahmadi mullah says…an Ahmadi will believe.

Ahmadis lie about everything, I mean everything. 7:35 is another case of exactly that. I challenge all Ahmadis of the Qadiani branch to find me the very first instance when Mahmud Ahmad used this argument. I have another homework assignment, find us all the references wherein MGA used 7:35.
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