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Lord Tariq Ahmad is the Minister of State for the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and United Nations at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

On 10-28-23, he (the UK govt.)abstained from voting against a ceasefire in Gaza last week, on 10-28-23. An Ahmadi on twitter even objected. Adnan chimed in.

Lord Tariq said: 

‘Turning to the attacks on Israel on the 7th of October, my Prime Minister has been clear: the United Kingdom stands with Israel in the face of Hamas’ terrorist attacks. We will always support an ally against a terrorist attack and its right to self-defence.’

Will Lord Tariq allow Humanity First into Gaza? He met with Yair Lapid recently too.

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Lord (Tariq)Ahmad of Wimbledon on X: “I met Yair Lapid @yairlapid and empathised the importance of ending the conflict through a resolute & collaborative effort towards a two-state solution to secure security and justice for Israelis and Palestinians alike.” / X (

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Lord (Tariq)Ahmad of Wimbledon on X: “Preventing escalation of the Gaza conflict, unhindered humanitarian access for aid deliveries to Palestinian civilians is vital. Productive meetings at the UN 🇺🇳 with Permanent Representatives of Egypt 🇪🇬, Jordan 🇯🇴 , UAE 🇦🇪 and the Palestinian 🇵🇸 Permanent Observer.” / X (

Adnan Rashid on X: “Qadiani Lord Tariq Ahmad was at the UN. While proclaiming “peace must prevail over conflict”, for some reason he abstained from voting for ceasefire. In other words, there was a clear conflict between action and words. He is an active member of the jamat apparently. I wonder why?” / X (

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