Technically, MGA’s Jalsa-Salana’s didn’t last past 1891 and 1892. In 1893, MGA posted an announcement in his book, “Shahadatul-Qur’an ‘ala nuzulil-masihil-mau‘ud fi akhiriz-zaman”, in English the shorter title is “Testimony of the Quran”. In this book, on pages 149-159. MGA claimed this Jalsa seems to be a cause of corrupting certain moral qualities of Ahmadi’s. MGAs said that holding this Jalsa despite knowing that it does not bear good results is tantamount to sin, deviation from the right path, and an abominable innovation. Ahmadi’s were rude and misbehaved with others for their own comfort, Ahmadi’s were supposed to change and become better humans, Ahmadi’s were supposed to develop a fear of God, and no noteworthy, positive, and righteous change has been observed after attending. MGA is a first-hand witness of this. Ahmadi’s also exchange harsh words between each other.

MGA then says that Maulvi Noorudin has also commented that Ahmadi’s had not yet attained any distinct capability in goodness, modesty, piety, righteousness, and mutual love for the sake of God. MGA says that Ahmadi’s are so hard-hearted that they treat the poor from among the
Community like wolves and do not greet them with salutation of as-salamu ‘alaik [peace be on you] in good spirit, out of conceit, much less behave courteously and sympathetically towards
them. Some of them I see to be so mean and self-centred that they start quarrelling over petty issues out of selfishness and engage in scuffles and attack each other over minor issues. At times, matters become so bad as to reach the point that they start abusing each other and they develop rancour in their hearts. They argue selfishly over petty issues like eating and drinking.

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