Per Ahmadiyya sources, Lala Bisambar Das (see “Ahmadi’s and the Arya’s of Qadian” [1907]) was also a witness to the signs of MGA, as was his brother Lala Sharampat of Qadian. In the 1875-1884 era, MGA tried to make Lala Sharampat of Qadian and his brother and a few additional Hindu’s as witnesses to his signs. These were all lies by MGA. In fact, by 1885, when Lekh Ram visited Qadian, these lies were announced. Again in 1907, the Arya Samaj of Qadian told MGA that he was lying. They were all members of the Arya Samaj at Qadian.

Later on in 1906-1907, via Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA wrote about Lala Bishambar Das (his name is spelled slightly differently) again and lied about his court case. MGA gave him as a witness to sign #53 (see page 282, online english edition). In the era of 1875-1884, MGA alleges that Lala Bisambar Das and another person named Khushal were sent to prison because of some crime.

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