A prominent Ahmadi cleric, by the name Abdul Rahim Dard, who was also involved in politics as he knew the famous Jinnah, who eventually assisted the British in splitting up India and creating Pakistan. Jinnah and the Ahmadis are the ones who helped the British divide the Indian subcontinent along religious lines, similar to how the 2016 USA election was marketed.

In his biography on MGA, as he comments on Sir Syed and his historic commentary of 1882, wherein Sir Syed wrote that Esa (As) was dead, Dard tries to convince the reader that MGA disliked Sir Syed’s ideas and concepts. However, as we all know, MGA secretly agreed with them, the proof is that MGA began fabricating revelations in terms of his likeness to Esa (as) after 1882. Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya vol. 3 is filled with MGA insinuating that he is Esa (as)….

Dard was eager to prove that MGA believed that Esa (as) was alive in heaven pre-1891, however, after reviewing Braheen e Ahmadiyya 1-4…its obvious that this is not the case.  After 1882, MGA made a sweeping move to begin to call himself as “the-like-of-Esa” aka “Maseel-e-Masih”.  He claimed this position from BA-3 to late 1890.  In fact, he rebuked all people who questioned MGA’s motives in this title.
The Quote
On page 50 of this official biography, he writes:

“””In his commentary of the Holy Quran Sir Sayyid wrote, in keeping with his own Rationalist views, that Jesusas was not alive in the heavens with his physical body. The book was published in 1880. Ahmad read this commentary but he did not think much of it. Nor did he ‘pick up the crumbs of Sir Sayyid’s repast’, as some of Sir Sayyid’s admirers imagine in their rank ignorance. On the contrary, Ahmad reiterated in the Brahin-e- Ahmadiyya, published in 1884, the popular belief that Jesus (as) was alive in the heavens and that he would come again to this world (pages 351 and 499 margin on margin No. 3). He was not afraid of Rationalism, before which Sir Sayyid bowed in abject submission. It was in 1891, when God informed Ahmad that Jesusas had died, that he changed his belief in this respect. He would not depart from the orthodox view unless and until God instructed him clearly to do so.”””


MGA never wrote that Esa (As) was alive

Once again, lets review, Dard tells us: “””” the popular belief that Jesus (as) was alive in the heavens and that he would come again to this world (pages 351 and 499 margin on margin No. 3).“”””

However, this is a lie, MGA never wrote that Esa (as) was alive. MGA wrote that Esa (As) was coming back, but he didn’t specify how. MGA was purposely ambigious, he was planning all of his claims and was trying to slowly introduce these new ideas, so that no one would accuse him of collusion. Furthermore, in 1902 and 1907, MGA admitted to believing in a second coming of Esa (as)…however, he never wrote that it was part of his belief that Esa (as) was necessarily alive in heaven. One more thing…MGA redefined Raffa as used in 4:158 in this era and wrote that meant raising Esa (as) in stature. A very ambigious statement indeed. See BA-3 and 4.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Is Esa (as) alive in heaven?

Whatever medical condition that Allah has created for Esa (as), it seems to be beyond our current realm of ideas, per 2016 at least, nonetheless, the Quran is clear, Allah raised Esa (as) unto himself (in heaven). The Quran doesn’t tell us if Esa (as) is alive, like a human on Earth. 
Nonetheless, the ijma was that Esa (as) is in fact alive in heaven and will return physically.
____________________________________________________________________________________________-_1902’s confession

In 1902, MGA confessed to believing that Esa (as) would physically return pre-1891.  However, he doesn’t mention any idea that Esa (As) is in-fact alive.  He writes as follows:

“””My dear ones! Reflect and fear God. This is surely not the work of man. Wisdoms as profound and subtle as these transcend the understanding and judgement of man. If, long ago, during the
publication of Barahin-e-Ahmadiyyah, I had plotted such a thing, why then would I have written that the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary will descend to return from heaven in the same book?””” (see Noah’s Ark, 1902, online-english edition, page 81-82)


1907’s confessions
In 1907, MGA confesses that he believed that Esa (as) would return. He writes:

“””I wrote, at one time, that the Messiah, son of Mary, could descend from the heavens. Later on, however, I put forth that I, myself, am the Messiah expected to come in the later times. “”””(see Reality of Revelations, 1907 aka Haqiqatul Wahy)
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Maulana Abdur Raheem Dard aka M. Rahim Bakhsh


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