MGA hated Esa (as)…MGA spent his entire career belittling Esa (as) and finally claimed to be better then him in 1902. In this quote, MGA claims that Yahya (As) was better then Esa (as).
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“If you become shameless you can say anything but the fact of the matter is that Maseeh (Jesus) was not more pious than the righteous people of that period. Rather the Prophet Yahya (John) is superior to Maseeh because he did not drink alcohol and it was never heard that an unchaste woman came and anointed him with perfume of her unchaste earning or touched his body with her hands and hair. Or some non-mahram young women came to his service. That is the reason God called Yahya in Quran as Husoor (chaste) but He did not use such a name for Maseeh as such stories were prohibitive to name him so. Further, Hazrat Isa (AS) repented for his sins at the hands of Yahya who is called John by Christians and was made Elijah later on.” (Roohani Khazain, Dafi-ul-Bala- Volume 18 – Page 220)

Another quote…/books/Defence-Against-Plague.pdf, Defence Against the Plague and a Criterion for the Elect of God (dafi ul bala translation) (p3).


“””When man dispenses with modesty and justice, he says and does as he pleases; but there is no evidence to suggest that the Masih [Messiah] excelled other righteous ones in his time. In fact, it can be supposed that in one respect Yahya [John the Baptist] possesses a supe- riority over him in that he did not drink alcohol, nor is it recorded any- where that a prostitute ever came to him and massaged his head with perfumed oil purchased from her own earnings; or ever touched his body and rubbed it with her hair; or that a young woman who had no relationship with him was placed into his service. For this very reason, God has referred to Yahya and not ‘Isa as ‫حَصُور‬ [chaste] in the Quran, for such stories stand as a hindrance in the Masih being referred to as such. Moreover, ‘Isa, may peace be on him, repented of all his sins at the hand of Yahya, whom the Christians call Yuhanna [John the Baptist] and who was later identified as [the second coming of ] Ilya [Elijah]— and became one of his special followers. This justifiably establishes the superiority of Hadrat Yahya—for it has not been proven that he ever repented at someone’s hand. It is thus clear that he lived a pure and innocent life.””


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