The behaviors of MGA are indicative of a opium-addicted.  He never led Salaat, never did a public speech, never gave adhan, he complained of being sick all the time, etc etc etc etc…

This is biographical book written about MGA from one of his closest admirers.

The Quote
English translation of Page 34 of a book “Zikr A Habib” by Mufti Muhammed Sadiq. POSTED ABOVE BY Maher Baig.
Title: Solitude

“Hazrat Masih Maoud had one habit that, once a day for one or two hours, he used to separate himself from everyone. In Gurdaspur, the house all of us, were stationed, on its ground floor, as we enter from the door (means front door), there was a smallish room on the left, that room was used as a toilet in the past. There were other parts on the top of the house dedicated as toilets. So Hazoor got the small room (previously used as toilet) cleaned up and washed it properly. The the floor also laid out. (what he means is that Hazoor got this small room cleaned and washed and its floor was done up new) -and at midday hazoor would lock it from inside and sit there in solitude for 2-3 hours.””