Ahmadis are fanatics, they will do whatever the Mirza family tells them to do.  In this video, this Ahmadi, is at the famous “speakers corner” in the UK and his yelling that he is ready to die for Ahmadiyya…he then continues to spout off at the mouth in terms of different verses of the Quran, however, he has never properly read any part of the Quran, he had been brainwashed to believe that only Ahmadis understand the Quran and somehow the Quran points to Ahmadiyya, which is absurd.

The Video 

The Full video can be found here

The same Ahmadi can be found here giving an interview about Trump being elected and how Ahmadis want to work with Trump and etc.  

Local Muslim leader: ‘We hope and pray that we can work with the President-elect Trump’

Ahmadis are ALL fanatical, they are taught a pledge as young men wherein they must agree to defend the Mirza-family business with their lives.  Ahmadis are just as backwards as the extremist that they hate….oh the irony….

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