Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious Mullah.  In this Friday Sermon, he explains how he wants the entire jamaat to stop asking questions or even asking if his daughter is simply OK.  He was upset that the jamaat-people kept asking his daughter in terms of what happened with her recent divorce.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad explains that he knew all along that this marriage wouldn’t last, in typical villager-format, he claims to be have known all-along, however, that is a lie, its an arrogant attempt to explain away his daughters unfortunate divorce.  Divorce happens all the time, if he was honest, his approach would have been different.  However, his old cultural habits never died.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad didn’t want the sympathy of the Jamaat
He explains that no one should even ask his daughter about the divorce, she doesn’t need anyone’s questions…please leave her alone…the family doesn’t need anyone’s prayers or concerning questions…the Mirza family is fed up with the entire jamaat.

The video

Some additional data on the daughters of Mirza Tahir Ahmad
All 4 Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s daughters have very sad marriages. Mirza Tahir Ahmad saw what happen with Bibi Tooba. Bibi Faiza also had unsuccessful marriage that ended with divorce. Now Bibi Shauki and Bibi Mona we thought was ok but their husbands both have non-muslim 2nd wives now.

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