Sahibzadi Amtul Jameel aka Bibi Jameel was a daughter of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad through his 3rd wife, Syeda Maryam. Sahibzadi Amatul Jameel Begum sahiba was married off to Chaudhri Nasir Ahmad Sial (son of the famous Ahmadi mullah, Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sial). Her father, Mirza Basheer ud Din forcibly gave her son (Zahir Ahmad) to her half sister, Sahibzadi Amtul Qayyum, she was married off to the famous MM Ahmad, they had no children, it was a cousin marriage. Sahibzadi Amtul Qayyum was also a grand-daughter of Noorudin (the first Khalifa), her grandson is fake wanna be rapper named Moe Vision (his real name is Muhammad). Sahibzadi Amatul Jameel Begum sahiba and Chaudhri Nasir Ahmad Sial had 3 additional children, all daughters.

After moving to the USA, Zahir Ahmad married Tazeen Ahmad, they had two kids, Muhammad (aka Moe vision) and Marium check out Marium’s music page herein. Affaf Azhar recently explained how rude and arrogant Sahibzadi Amtul Jameel was while she was part of the Canadian Jamaat of Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. Affaf Azhar explains how she wanted to be called the daughter of Musleh Maud instead of the sister of Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________WIFE #3
Syedah Maryam (died in 1944) called Umme Tahir (mother of tahir), the daughter of Dr Syed Abdul Sattar Shah, They were married on 7 February 1921 in the Mubarak Mosque. She was barely 15-16 years old, whereas the Khalifa was 35.
DoB: 1905. Age of Syeda Maryam at the time of first marriage: 2/2.5 years, Reference: Meri Maryam, Anwar ul Uloom, V17, pg 348.

First Marriage was with Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad: Date of marriage 30 Aug 1907.

Note: Date of Birth of Mirza Mubarak Ahmad: 14 June 1899 – Reference: Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat V2, pg. 55. Date of Death of Mirza Mubarak Ahmad: 12 Sep 1907 – Reference: Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat V2, pg. 495

Age of Syeda Maryam at the time of second marriage with Mirza Bashirudin Manhood: 15 years. Second Marriage: 7 Feb 1921: Rukhsati: 21 Feb 1921 Reference: Alfazal 10 Feb 1921 Reference: Meri Maryam, Anwar ul Uloom, V17, pg 350. She died in 1944

One son named Mirza Azhar Ahmad died in infancy the others are

1. Mirza Tahir Ahmad, son, born in December of 1928 (married Asifa in 1957)
————————–Granddaughter 1—Shaukat Jehan, married to Mirza  Ahmad, her first cousin
————————–Granddaughter 2—Faiza, married to Mirza Luqman Ahmad Sahib, who was the son of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, her first cousin
————————–Granddaughter 3—Yasmin Rehman Mona, married to Karim Khan
————————–Granddaughter 4—Atiatul Mujib Tooba, (was married to Sultan Malik Sahib) (DIVORCED) (
2. Amatul Hakeem, daughter (she married Syed Daud Muzaffar Shah, he died in 2011) (They married their daughter to Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the current Ahmadiyya Khalifa in 1977).
3. Amatul Basit, daughter (she married Mir Daud Ahmad in 1945).
4. Amatul Jameel, daughter, also called Bibi Jameel.

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