In 1889-1890, MGA asked Noorudin to write a response to Lekh Ram’s book vs. Ahmadiyya, it was called “tasdiq e braheen e ahmadiyya”. Noorudin wrote the book, its an Urdu only book, perhaps it will never be translated. However, in this book, Noorudin seems to quote 3:55 and the Arabic phrase “Mutawafeeka”. Noorudin defined it in the classic Islamic way, i.e. to take someone fully. Just one year later, he was arguing against his own view vs. Batalvi and thus contradicted his entire book. MGA also defined Mutafeeka in 1884 in a similar way.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Quote

“Ya Eisa innee mutawaffeeka warafiAAuka ilayya as:

“A Eisa ma lanay wala hun tujh ko or buland karnay wala hun apni taraf”(Tasdiq a Braheen a Ahmadiyya vol 1 page 8)

“””Oh Eisa, I am about to take you and raise you towards me”””


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