Ahmadis are the most fanatical people in the world.  They are willing to kill their children for Ahmadiyya.  I engage Ahmadis on social media, even though it is beneath me to engage these 3rd-world idiots, nonetheless, I persevere and I ask probing questions which give me insight into the psychological state of the common-Ahmadi.  I recently engaged an Ahmadi and he admitted that he was even willing to “clean the excrement (tatty in urdu/punjabee) of MGA as needed.

The screenshot

With this type of mindset, Ahmadis are incapable to have a debate with.  They are fully brainwashed by the Mirza family, they play dumb and stupid and have never heard of Sunni-Islam.  They live in the Ahmadiyya-bubble and are damn happy as such.