As we all know, MGA and his team lied about his opium use.  In 1904, MGA and his team gave a definitive statement about MGA and opium and that was to the effect that MGA refused to take it since it had “addictive-qualities” and he feared that “the people” (the hindu community) would joke that the first “abrahamic” messiah was a drunkard and the second an opium addict.

But MGA forgot
He forgot that just a few years earlier, in 1898, he was handing out a super-opium type of medicine that MGA and his team thought would save people from the plague.  He also forgets that he took a “viagra-type” of medicine as early as 1884, and move likely given by Noorudin to help solve MGA’s impotency problem.  Obviously, in 1904, MGA lied.  Further, MGA was giving pure opium to his own son when he was just an infant (1889-1890), this was Mahmud Ahmad, Mahmud Ahmad pretty much grew up taking opium for medicine from his father.

All MGA had to do was admit to it
The Ahmadis on social media all play dumb and stupid.  They dont seem to do anything about Ahmadiyya.  They try to counter us by giving arguments that seem to prove that its OK to take opium-laced medicine as a Muslim.  And that is true, however, any such Muslim cannot lead Salaat, and his private Salaat are thus invalid by the Quran.  Ironically, MGA never led salaat, which leads me to believe that everyone knew he was on opium and thus incapable.

Some Ahmadis say that MGA didnt need to admit to using Opium
Ahmadis want to die for the Mirza family, they want to clean his excrement and attend to MGA and his sons in the bathroom and clean them, they are willing to die for these people and even kill their children.

The Video by Mirza Tahir Ahmad

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