We have written over and over that Ahmadis suffer from being systematically brainwashed.  The villager-type-Ahmadis are the worst, they are ready to die for Ahmadiyya immediately. This is what we are dealing with in terms of Ahmadiyya. Most people who have entered in this Ahmadiyya-Awareness game don’t fully realize the stupidity of Ahmadiyya, nor do they seem to care, we however, understand it very well and out goal is make the world aware of the dangers of the Ahmadiyya movement, aka the Mirza family. In the below, we have posted a scan in terms of #Ahmadiyya use of homeopathy, the Ahmadiyya belief on this is sooooo fanatical, they attack an Ahmadi (@kashifmd) publicly on twitter when he criticized the use of homeopathy. This happened again in 2022 after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, see the scan in the below.

The tweet



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