MGA never gave any public speeches, he never gave a Khutbah-Juma, he never led any daily prayers, and he could barely speak properly.  Lecture Sialkot was not the name of this book or lecture, further, it seems to have been published in 1902 (see pages 367-372).  Ahmadiyya sources have recently written that this was published ahead of time…as early as 1902, however, that publication is totally missing from the records.  Further, recent Ahmadiyya sources tell us that Maulvi Abdul Karim read out this lecture on Nov 2nd, 1903, however, the ROR reports that it was Nov 2nd, 1904, and it claims that MGA gave the lecture, however, that is an obvious lie. This statement by the Review of Religions proves that Ahmadiyya writers, and in this case, Muhammad Ali, they all knew about MGA, they knew that MGA never gave any public speeches, however, they were always trying to make it look like MGA was a speaker….Mahmud Ahmad (1967) seems to confirm the data of the Review of Religions, further, the newest Ahmadiyya sources on this topic dont give any proper references.

Maulvi Abdul Karim read out the pre-written speech
Maulvi Abdul Karim was the “official-speaker” for MGA, he delivered all of the speeches that MGA was supposed to…..and most of the time…MGA was sitting in the same area, with his team in-tow.  MGA would then randomly stand up and utter a few unintelligible words.  Further, the British govt. had police all over MGA and making sure that he was never harmed….as MGA was out in the open and in danger of getting molested.  This is also another piece of evidence that proves that the British-govt supported MGA and wanted him to succeed.

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