Ahmadiyya mullahs have been lying on behalf of the Mirza family for over 100 years. In this specific case, they themselves cant figure out the exact date for the first ever Bait ceremony in 1889. The reference is to the Muslim Herald magazine, which was an Ahmadiyya magazine. Its from Aug–1971. Obviously, Ahmadis made many errors in their writings, and then attempted a clean up for the next 50 years. And they continue to do so…Ahmadis engage in cleanup work all over social media as they defend the Mirza family and live their lives simply for the betterment of the Mirza family.


First-Initiation   —–Muslim Herald Magazine 1971
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1.  MGA had a toilet attendant by the name of Shaikh Hamid Ali (see page 9). It seems that Sanoori was also there and MGA had a few toilet attendants in those days.

2. Seeratul-Mahdi, the 1st edition, was published on Dec 10th-1923, the second edition was published on November 14th, 1935.

3.  Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti took MGA’s bait in 1889 (se page 13), later Ahmadiyya records lied about this (mirza bashir ahmad lied), most likely because Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti was a ghost writer and speech giver, in place of MGA, or on MGA’s behalf.  Ahmadiyya leadership seems to have tried to cover up this fact (see page 13 of the Muslim herald–1971). Shaikh Yacub Ali Irfani was also there, however, he didn’t accept MGA at that point.  He seems to have officially joined Ahmadiyya in 1897.
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