I wanted to post some references from Mahmud Ahmad’s 1915 book , “Reality of Prophethood” aka “Haqiqatun Nubuwwat”.  In this reference, Mahmud Ahmad gives the very first announcement of MGA’s prophethood in 1900.  He also explains how only Maulvi Abdul Karim knew about it and how Maulvi Amrohi was in the dark.

The reference

“At last that event did take place. In the year 1900, Maulavi ‘Abdul Karim, the preacher of the Friday sermon, gave a sermon in which he, used the words Nabi (Prophet) and Rasul (Messenger) for the Mirza. This caused great irritation to Maulavi Sayyid Muhammad Ahsan Amrohawi. When Maulavi ‘Abdul Karim came to know of this, he gave another Friday sermon in which be addressed the Mirza, requesting him to contradict his belief, if he was wrong in considering him to be a prophet and Messenger of God. Afterthe Friday prayers were over, Maulavi ‘Abdul Karim caught hold of the skirt of the Mirza’s apparel and requested him to correct him in his beliefs if they were erroneous. The Mirza turned around and said that he, too, held the same belief. Meanwhile, Maulavi Muhammad Ahsan had been greatly agitated by thesermon and in anger was pacing the floor of the mosque. On Maulavi ‘Abdul Karim’s return, he began to quarrel with him. When their voices rose very high, the Mirza came out of his house and recited theQur’anic verse: “O ye who believe! Don’t raise your Voice above the voice of the Prophet.”

(This event is based on the report of a speech of Sayyid Sarwar Shah Qadiani at an annual conference held in Qadian, and published in al- Fadhl, Vol. X, No. 51, dated january.4,1923)

(See also Haqiqat al- Nubuwat, p 124.[published in 1915])


MGA had multiple ghost writers and scribes.  They didnt all agree on MGA’s claims and it is obvious that they disagreed with each other on the prophethood of MGA.  In fact, after “Correction of an Error” was published in 1901, Maulvi Amrohi wrote a detailed response to an inquiry that MGA may have claimed prophethood….The Maulvi refuted it.  He wrote that MGA had only denied independent prophethood, nothing else.  However, after the split of 1914, Amrohi had initially sided with Mahmud Ahmad and the people at Qadian, in fact, he was the Maulvi who had nominated Mahmud Ahmad for Khalifa, however, after Mahmud Ahmad wrote “Qaul al Fasl” and “Haqiqatun Nubuwwat” (1915)...a few months later, Amrohi had a change of heart and claimed that even though his sons had read these books out to him, he hadnt understood them, he then proceeded to do a 180 degree switch and became a Lahori-Ahmadi, and that was how he was buried.,  

Further, in Aug of 1908, Maulvi Sanaullah accused MGA of only being a prophet for 6 1/2 years.

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