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An Ahmadi scholar tells us how much Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti suffered and then eventually died in MGA’s house. While on his death-bed, Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti busted his head open and required an additional surgery. He left his widow behind, they didn’t seem to have any children. Furthermore, in 2019, an Ahmadi mullah, Irshad Malhi tells us that Maulvi Abdul Karim was in the hospital and was suffering from hydrophobia as well (the Ahmadi mullah gave no reference).

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Ref.Seerat e Masih e Moud Vol-2 pages 190 onward by Yaqub Ali Irfani, and  Tareekh Ahmadiat Vol-3 pages 417 onward by Dost Muhammad Shahid

In August 1905 he fell ill due to diabetes and excessive urination. On 12 August he developed an abscess on his back between two shoulders which converted into a large carbuncle causing him severe pain. Dr. Khalifa Rashiduddin, Dr. Mirza Yaqub Baig and Dr. Muhammad Hussain Surgeon Medical Hospital Lahore conducted surgery on his carbuncle which could not succeed and his condition further deteriorated. He got infection in his teeth and his gums start bleeding. Then he hit a wooden window door in his head resulting into profuse bleeding.

MGA provided every medicine and food to him during his sickness. He spent too much money for his treatment. He liked cold water and drinks, so two mound’s of Ice were brought from Batala for him and equal quantity more was ordered before it is fully consumed. All kinds of fresh fruit like melons, grapes and pomegranate were made available to him. Three or four male chickens were slaughtered daily for preparing soup for him beside one Jug full of mutton soup was given to him to overcome weakness and for fast digestion as a light food. A request was made to MGA that Molvi sb may be given imported beef Juice made of Wythe Company England. So MGAQ arranged the said beef juice for Molvi Abdul Karim. In order to perform surgery on his carbuncle, chloroform, local anaesthesia, and most modern surgical equipments were brought to Qadian which were not even available at good hospitals at that time.

Although MGAQ took great care of Molvi Abdul Karim and spent lot of money for his cure, yet he did not come to see him fearing his disease might be contagious. Molvi Abdul Karim would remember him when he was in severe pain. So He would scream demanding his family to take him to Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. He often cry and scream saying to take him to Mirza sb I want to see him. One day in a state of semi consciousness, he said to his wife to go to Mirza sb and tell him that I have died plz come to me and show me your face from a distance. His wife went downstair and told Mirza sb of the request of Molvi Abdul Karim Finding MGAQ in hesitation, Nusrat Jehan interfered and said to Mirza, why don’t you go to him when he is in so much pain and wanted to see you. Mirza said you know I might fall ill if I see him in a condition like this. After much persuasion by Nusrat Jehan Mirza sb agreed to go to him. He put his turban in the head and got ready to ascend on to the stairs. Wife of Molvi Abdul Karim quickly went upstairs to tell Abdul Karim that Mirza is coming to see you. But once she told him of his arrival he admonished her as to why did you put him in botheration. She said you requested for it. He said he did not mean it, was just telling the condition of his heart. Now you go and ask him not to bother yourself because he knows the reason why he does not come to him. So she ran back and told Mirza sb of the new instructions of her husband. Hesitant MGAQ went back half way.

Mean time he suffered from the diarrhea and pleurisy and got 106 degree fever. This proved fatal for him and on 11 October 1905 he died at the age of 47 years. He was buried in Qadian. But his coffin was dug out again and was re-buried in Bahishti Maqbara on 26 December, 1905.

In the beginning MGAQ prophesied that Molvi Abdul Karim will recover and get well soon. He fell ill in August and died on 11 October. Upto his death MGAQ was receiving revelations like :-
ماکان لنفس ان تموت الا بازن اللہ ۔ ارید الاخیر۔ شاھت الوجوہ۔ ازا جاء نصراللہ۔
But then, when his condition worsened MGAQ threw many new prophesies about his death like :
47 years – انالللہ وانا الیہ راجعون
Wrapped into coffin.
Two rafters broken down. etc.
However, the meaning of these ilhams suggest that the dates of these so called ILHAM, have been manipulated. Some Qadianis say MGAQ erred in interpretation of his early ilham about Abdul karim.
(Ref pages No. 99 onward of Al- Bushra Vol-2 attached)

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