So we already know that MGA never led salaat, he would stand to the right of the imam or in his private room, which was inside the Masjid Mubarak, most likely in the far back of this small mosque. This was the mosque that was connected to MGA’s house.  MGA would enter from a special doorway that was connected to his house.  MGA was also fond of grabbing other mens’s hands and holding them close to his thigh.

Maulawi Muhammad Yar Sahib and his obsession with touching MGA
This Ahmadi mullah was also a teacher of Mahmud Ahmad at Qadian.  He was so in-love with MGA that he would just begin stroking MGA’s entire body during salaat and had to be restrained many times by the people of Qadian. In fact, MGA would point to his thighs and this Ahmadi mullah would come running, and ready to serve his master.  We all know that MGA loved massages, and even had his daughter give him massages and thus stroke his body inappropriately.  MGA had at least 10 different people giving his massages on any given day.  Or at least it seems like that.  He also had females who spent the night with him in his make-shift room who seem to have massaged him all night.  Whereas his wife and children slept separately in a different part of the house.  Noorudin and Abdul kareem also lived in the same house, Mufti Sadiq would also sleep inside the house.

The story from Seeratul-Mahdi
pdf page 273/316
Narration no. 893

“Qazi Muhammed Yusuf Peshawari narrated to me in writing that there was a time when mgaq used to stand with Molvi A Karim sialkoti in the small room on the west side inside Mubarak Mosque. But when in 1907, the mosque was extended, that room was demolished. THE REASON FOR STANDING INSIDE THAT SMALL ROOM WAS THAT PROBABLY QAZI YAR MUHAMMED USED TO BOTHER mgaq.

Humble one states that qari Yar Muhammad was a very sincere person but he was mentally imbalanced, because of that he used to feel / grope mgaq’s body and was a source of pain and discomfort “

The Quotes
In a Friday sermon delivered by Mirza Masroor Ahmad on 8-7-2015, he tells us:

“””Hazrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased with him) said one of his late teachers, Maulawi Muhammad Yar Sahib had obsessive love for the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). He started associating every prophecy of the Promised Messiah with his own person. In his desire to be physically close by to the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) he sometimes did unwarrantable things. For example during Salat he would stroke the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). In light of this the Promised Messiah appointed people to keep an eye on him during days when he was particularly obsessive and not let him come in the Promised Messiah’s vicinity.

When the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) spoke or delivered lecture he had the habit of motioning his hand towards his thighs. When he moved his hand in this manner Maulawi Yar Muhammad Sahib jumped up and came close to him. When asked why he did so he would say the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) had gestured him to come close to him. Thus was his obsessive love for the Promised Messiah that he even considered his reflex actions to mean a beckoning gesture. We claim to love God but in spite of His clear declaration to: ‘come to Prayer and come to prosperity’ we do not pay attention! Each Ahmadi should try and respond to God’s call like ardent devotees and jump up in obeisance. Its school holidays now and children bring along their parents [to the mosque], later attendance lessens. This is a reminder. May God enable us to safeguard and establish our Salat!””” (see the last 2 paragraphs).


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