Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was intoxicated during Salaat already, since he was opium related medicines since his childhood, it is even said that his father, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza smoked tobacco and was a physician and thus had access to all drugs at Qadian. This is probably why MGA was never an “imam-proper” at Qadian after 1891, and barely a few times before 1891.
Nevertheless, in this narration it is proved that MGA was totally OK with the idea of praying while chewing PAAN (beetle-leaf), we are not sure how long MGA lived like this, however, he was nevertheless OK with this practice and many other strange traditions. Further, it is against Islam to approach prayers while intoxicated, there is a famous verse in the quran that MGA violated (See 4:43). All of MGA’s prayers are thus null and void.

S.A. Chauhdry explained all of this on the “Aaqa Ka Ghulam” channel recently.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The reference
Seeratul Mahdi
page 111/316
Narration 638

“Dr Mir Ismail narrated to me that once hz saheb (mgaq) had a severe cough attack, so much so that he would lose breath. But keeping a pan (beetle leaf) in mouth would give him much relief. At that time, in that condition he prayed having pan leaf in mouth so that he could pray with ease.”
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