leftover food after lunch


Ahmadis are as fanatical as the Muslims who follow ISIS and many other extreme groups. They basically worship the Mirza family to an extreme.  For example, they will never throw away a half-eaten meal that their Khalifa is eating, they gladly eat his leftovers and consider that food a blessing.

My father and eldest brother
Out of my whole family, and this is spanning 100 people, my father and eldest brother are the fanatical Ahmadis, they are willing to die for Ahmadiyya and at a minimum are willing to sacrifice all of their income for the Mirza family.  My father spent his entire life working for the Mirza family, and he hated any of his children if they werent living their life the same way.

Afzal Upal just admitted that this grandfather and Ahmadis in Rabwah were the same way
He writes:

“””If they were really lucky, Hazoor would send them his leftover food and drinks. Since, this tabarruk (literally source of blessings or barakah, but refers to the food or anything else that touches the hands or lips of the Khalifa) was considered highly desirable, he would be very happy on the days when he got a piece of it.”””See page 147—-https://www.degruyter.com/view/books/9783110556643/9783110556643-009/9783110556643-009.xml