Most Ahmadis haven’t read much in terms of Islam.  They refer to the oral information that is given to them by their Mullahs.  These Mullahs lie every single day, and they do it in terms of job security.  They know, they have nothing outside of their jobs at Ahmadiyya, i.e. working for the Mirza family.  Thus, they are stuck perpetuating a lie on behalf of the Mirza family.  They are thus forced to brainwash ALL ahmadis that they come into contact with.

In this specific case, we have met an Ahmadi in our discussion board who asks all of the classic questions that Ahmadis are armed with.  However, once we showed him our counter-arguments, he was dumbfounded.  It was as-if he had never heard any counter-arguments towards Ahmadiyya.  In fact, he even mis-quoted Ibn Kathir in terms of the Mahdi.  When we showed him the entire list of writings by Ibn Kathir on the Mahdi and esa (as)…he went silent and never returned to the conversation.

He wants a physical debate on camera
This Ahmadi, like all Ahmadis, is probably 10 years behind me and all other veteran researchers on the forum who have studied Ahmadiyya since the explosion of the internet.  However, he isn’t willing to admit to it.  He listens to his mullahs, who give him oral information and arent capable of critical thinking or evaluating multiple sources and then in his overconfidence, makes many false arguments.

The Ibn Kathir misquote