Noorudin and his team (Maulvi Abdul Kareem and Mufti Sadiq) believed that Esa (as) had a biological father before they had ever met Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, they took this new belief from Sir Syed, who wrote it in 1880. They all worked together in Jammu, with Noorudin being the boss. Nevertheless, Noorudin and his team held the belief that Esa (as) had a biological father until 1903, wherein it is reported by Noorudin himself that he was forced to change his position on the order of MGA. However, after MGA died, per Lahori-Ahmadi sources, Noorudin ordered Muhammad Ali to write in his commentary of the Quran that Esa (As) had a biological father.  The Qadiani branch went on to call the miraculous birth of Esa (as) as less then a miracle and some sort of rationally explained phenomenon. Obviously, the classic islamic view is that Esa (as) was born miraculously, just like Adam (as). By the will of Allah. Interestingly, in 1902, the english ROR discussed the possibility of a biological father of Esa (as).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________“Waladat e Masih” written by Dr Basharat Ahmad of Lahori ahmadiyya branch, written in 1930

He claims that he is writing this, after the extensive study of the Holy Quran and Holy Bible. Basically Dr Basharat (by the way readers might not know that he was father in law of Moulana Muhammad Ali) is saying, that Hazrat Eisa had a father, Dr Basharat does not believe in miracle birth of Hazrat Eisa, and how it is possible that he could be born without a human father, and how was it possible that Hazrat Maryam got pregnant with out a Male partner/husband.

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