As my readership knows, we have been discussing the story of “Piggot and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad” in the Facebook discussion forum. The Ahmadi that we have been discussing this with, he knew nothing about this entire story before we mentioned it to him, however, he won’t admit to this fact or any fact for that matter. Ahmadis are taught to be defensive and never admit to anything in any conversations with their critics or even those who are neutral. Anyhow, this Ahmadi didn’t conduct his own research, he searched the internet and found the “cover-up” job by Ahmadiyya leadership, wherein it is falsely asserted that Piggot repented from his claims of Godhood after 1904, and thus MGA’s death prediction from 1902 was averted. However, this is a false argument. Piggot never repented. Nonetheless, Ahmadiyya leadership went out of its way to doctor-up a false and misleading interview with Dr. Shweiso and Nick Barratt, wherein they used slick camera techniques and voice-overs to make it look like these people agreed with the Ahmadiyya position, i.e. that Piggot repented. However, its a total lie, orchestrated by Ahmadiyya leadership in an attempt to vindicate Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadiyya leadership was silent on Piggot from 1907 to roughly 2007

Akber Chaudhry and Ak Shaikh opened this issue and brought out the facts in this video, they totally exposed the Ahmadiyya position. This prompted Ahmadiyya leadership to conduct a cover-up job on this matter.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ If Piggot repented, why didnt MGA make an annoucement to that effect?

Obviously, Piggot never repented from his claims of being God in the Christian sense of the word. However, he was afraid of the British blasphemy laws and thus he took precautions that kept him from getting arrested. That is all. However, he still continued to assert that he was the God of Christians.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Review of Religions from 1907 proves that Ahmadiyya leadership didnt think Piggot repented

I have posted the reference to the ROR of 1907, which proves that Ahmadiyya leadership (MGA included) did not think that Piggot had repented at any point. Nonetheless, this single reference proves that neither MGA nor any of ghost writers thought that Piggot had repented. Case Closed!

The scan

The academic reference

See pages 120-121

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