Ahmadis have been lying about the number of Ahmadis since MGA was doing it in 1895-96 and 1904 and etc.  This is the old game of Ahmadiyya.  They lie and lie and lie and lie, and then lie and lie and lie.  This is why most Ahmadis are corrupt to their core, they have been taught to lie on behalf of the Mirza family and their mullah-team.  In this posting, I have found the very first edition of the Moslem Sunrise, which was a newspaper started by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq as he landed in the USA.  He needed a propaganda machine, a method to announce his lies, so he quickly obtained government approval and began openly lying.  Further, it should be noted that her also listed many fake and honorary degrees from fake institutions in the USA and began to refer to himself as Dr., even though he had never completed any type of PHD work.  Further, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq reproduced an article from the Review of Religions, wherein Qadian is described to the world, and Ahmadis lie about Qadian, they present Qadian as a city that is hustling and bustling, however, as we all know, there were barely 100 Ahmadis in Qadian by 1921, it was always mostly Hindu and Sikh.  The town was very small and cut off from the world, however, newspapers did come into to Qadian daily.

Screenshot of the first edition of the Moslem Sunrise

The first edition of the Moslem Sunrise can be found here

Click to access 1921_issue_1.pdf