I have written about this before. The Pakistani-Ahmadi is a racist, however, the american-born Ahmadis are not that way. Interestingly, even Mirza Ghulam Ahmad enjoyed poking fun at African’s, see here. The Pakistani-Ahmadi’s are soooo rude, they speak Urdu right in-front of African-Americans and despise their liberalness. The Pakistani Ahmadi’s always complains about the off-spring of African-American-Ahmadi’s, since they all normally quit Ahmadiyya. They also hate young American-born-Ahmadi’s, since the bulk of us are irreligious, and only go the Ahmadiyya masjid to please their parents.

The 90% number?
Ahmadiyya leadership will not allow me or anyone to conduct surveys, this number is based on my experiences as an Ahmadi for 35 years.

Video proof–commentary
In this video, Bilal Rana, who is the President of MKA-USA, he tells how Pakistani-Ahmadi have made disparaging remarks towards the African-American-Ahmadis who are slowly dying off and being replaced by the Pakistani-Ahmadi-immigrant, who is here on asylum.  However, the truth is, the Pakistani-Ahmadi is correct.  The African-American-Ahmadis are dying off…and no new African-Americans are joining…or if they are…there are just a few.  Further, the older African-American-Ahmadis only joined Ahmadiyya back in the 40-50 and 60’s because of the jobs and money that was offered to them by Ahmadiyya.  Ahmadiyya used a similar playbook in Africa.

The video

Watch the full video here

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