Before the building of the Fazl Mosque, London, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s were using various prayer hall areas on Melrose Ave. The March-1920 edition of the ROR reports the Ahmadiyya headquarters at: 4 Star St , Edgware Road, London, W.2. That all changed when the Khalifa visited in 1924. Its a mystery as to how the Khalifa had so much money to purchase such an expensive property. The Fazl Mosque became the second mosque in all of the UK, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s were operating the Woking Mosque until the 1960’s. At the same time, the Khalifa was claiming to have enough money to build a temple in Berlin, Germany, which failed and caused all Ahmadi mullahs to leave the country, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s got theirs built however and it still stands. The Khalifa lied and claimed that the women of the Qadiani-Ahmadi community gave the money, which is impossible. By the end of 1924, the Khalifa and Maulvi Mubarak Ali and others returned to British-India. It is also known as The London Mosque, is the first purpose-built mosque in London, England. It was opened on 23 October 1926 in Southfields, Wandsworth. At a cost of £6,223, the construction of the mosque and the purchase of the land on which it stands. The ROR of December-1926 shows a photo of the architect, the contractor and a few ahmadi mullah’s, Mr. H. Roffey (the contractor) is pictured on the left, next to an ahmadi mullah, Maulvi G.P. Malik. On the right is Mr. J. Oliphant (the architect) and A.R. Dard, an ahmadi mullah. Thomas Mawson is said to be the designer. The ROR of October-1926 tells us that King Faisal was requested to conduct the opening ceremony, however, he was indisposed.


The Aug-Sep-1920 edition of the ROR tells us that the Ahmadiyya Movement has purchased a plot of land wherein housing for missionaries and a small temple could be built.

1926–Nov, Review of Religions

Ahmadiyya sources lie and claim that 4 white people joined Ahmadiyya on 23 October 1926, the opening of the temple, their names are:

1—Mr. King
2—Mr. Nutall
3—Mrs. Amy Jordan
4—Mr. Cowap

1926-Dec, Review of Religions

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