You will see Ahmadis and some very liberal Sunni’s/Shias running around the internet and claiming that Islam means Peace.  That is an absolute lie.  A few weeks ago, an Ahmadi asked me to review a book by MGA entitled, “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam”.  This was a speech that was written by MGA’s team of writers, and then delivered by MGA’s top orator, Maulvi Abdul Karim.  In this book, MGA wrote that Islam means “surrender to the will of Allah”, and MGA never wrote that Islam means peace in any of his writings.

The Quotes

“””The method of establishing perfect spiritual relationship with God that the Holy Quran teaches us is Islam, meaning devoting one’s whole life to the cause of God and being occupied with the supplications which we have been taught in Surah Fatihah. This is the essence of Islam. Complete surrender to God and the supplication taught in Surah Fatihah are the only
methods of meeting God and drinking the water of true…”””(see page 128, online edition).  

“””By the meeting of these two flames all our passions and our love for anything beside God are
totally consumed and we become dead vis-à-vis our previous life. This condition is named Islam in the Holy Quran. Through our complete surrender to the will of God our passions are killed, and through supplication we acquire new life. This second life is signalised by the
receipt of revelation. Arriving at this stage is interpreted as meeting with God, in other words beholding God. At this stage, a person establishes a relationship with God by virtue of which he becomes as if he were beholding God, and he is invested with power and all his senses and his inner faculties are illumined and he feels the strong pull of a holy life…” (see page 129, online edition).

My summary of Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam