I have an interesting story to share. It seems that there was an incident from roughly 1891–1906, wherein the young wife of MGA (Nusrat Jehan Begum) was breaking the “customary” laws of parda in the Indian Sub-continent. Normally, women arent allowed to roam freely in this culture, nor are they allowed to frolic around men and etc. in this case, MGA’s young wife was living in close quarters with both Noorudin and Maulvi Abdul Karim. In this story, they seem to have objected to MGA’s wife walking around the train station and seemingly without proper parda.

By 2021, in the west, the Ahmadiyya Movement has been trying to force girls/women to sign a pardah form, like a contract. After signing this, they are enforcing pardah, nevertheless, ahmadi girls are rebelling at an alarming rate.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Parda laws in Rabwah

Afzal Upal has covered the strict segregation laws that Ahmadis abide by. He also discusses how in Rabwah, purda was a norm and strictly enforced. Ahmadis seem to have developed these extreme beliefs after they moved to Pakistan in 1948.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________MGA’s wife was a sex escort for Noorudin?

It is rumored that Noorudin fathered the children of Nusrat Jehan, not MGA. This is plausible, since at the death of MGA, Nusrat Jehan claimed to be the “laundi” aka “escort” of Noorudin.    She made many other controversial statements upon the death of Nooruddin.
The Lahori-Ahmadi’s accuse Nusrat Jehan of travelling to Lahore to do shopping with non related men

In Dr. Basharat Ahmad’s book, Khashaf Ul Zanoon, page 88 (1935)

(rough translation) “An allegation against Bivi sahiba (the second wife of MGA) buying clothing. Hazrat Bivi sahiba (respected wife) went for a change of air to Lahore. Qadian was simply a small village. There were no classy clothes found there. Hazrat sahib (MGA), wrote a letter to a friend in Lahore, he wrote, “she will buy some things (parchat)”, in this process, you should help her buy those things (or aid her in the process of buying these things). So let me tell you, what’s the problem in this? (he used the word qayamat, which is also used for the day of judgement, in other words, MGA is saying, what’s the big deal). Lastly, a true believer (momin), …that their wives walk around naked, but Maulvi Habib ullah is objecting, why?. He has knowledge from God, its outside of our understanding.”

“””Bivi sahiba kay kuparay kerhreed nay par aetaraz: Hazrat Sahib ki Bibi tubdeel Aab o huwa kay liya aik murtabah Lahore tashreef lay jati hain. Qadian uss waqt bilkul aik gahon tah. koi kam ka kupara na milta tah – Hazrat Sahib Lahore kay kisi dost ko khut (letter) liktay hain kay woh “baz cheezain parchat waghaira kerhreedaingi” – iss main un kay sath ho kar kerhreed kar wa dain – Farmaey iss main kiya qayamat aagayi – Aakir momun ki shan kiya is amar ki mutaqazi hain – kay un ki biwiyahn barhana pari paraihn – maghar Maulvi Habib ullah is par bhi matarz hain Kiyohn? yeh inhain khudhi ilm hogha – humari to smash say bahir hain.”””

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The Summary of the story from Seeratul Mahdi

“””Mirza Bashir Ahmad in his book Seeratul Mahdi part 1 page 57, writes that
“Stated to me by Hakim Nooruddin that once Hazrat sb was proceeding on a journey and waiting for the train at Railway Station which was to arrive after some time. Hazrat sb (MGAQ) started a walk with Bivi Sahiba (Nusrat Jehan) on the Railway Station. Watching hazard sb and Bivi sahiba walking together at Railway Station in front of peoples present there. Molvi Abdul Karim who has excessive feelings of honour and religious sentiments came to me and said many peoples are watching, plz ask hazrat sb to make Bivi sahiba sit some where. Molvi Nooruddin (who knew Mirza Qadiyani very well), said I can,t do that you may ask him yourself.

After a while Molvi Abdul Karim himself went to Hazrat sb and said huzur many peoples are around, better Bivi sahiba may be seated somewhere. Hazrat sb said mind your business I am not convinced of such kind of Purdah (Hijab). Feeling dejected,Molvi Abdul Karim came back to me. Then I (Nooruddin) said to him have u got the reply.? , ! !!”””

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