This entry is about the first wife of Mirza Nasir Ahmad.  Which he married in 1934.  Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmood Ahmad, the second khalifa of Qadiyani jamaat married off his son Mirza Nasir ahmad (who was 25 years old), who eventually became the third khalifa, to Syeda Mansoora Begum daughter of Mubarika Begum and Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan of Malir kotla. The Nikah was held in July 1934 and Barat proceeded to Malir Kotla on 4 August and returned with bride on 6 August 1934 to Qadiyan. Mirza Mehmood sent his son Mirza Nasir to England for higher studies the very next month. Mirza Nasir returned to Qadiyan in 1936 and permanently in 1938. Mansoora Begum died in December 1981. Mirza Nasir remarried to 24 year old Syeda Tahira Siddiqa in April 1982 at an age of 73 years.
The children of Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Syeda Mansoora Begum

1—son Mirza Anas Ahmad, born in 1938 (died in 2018 at age 81).
2—daughter Amatul Shakoor
3—daughter Amatul Haleem
4—son Mirza Fareed Ahmad
5–son Mirza Luqman Ahmad (In 1981, married his first cousin, the eldest daughter of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Shaukhat).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Syeda Tahira Siddiqa Nasir the second wife of Mirza Nasir in her Book KHALIFATUL MASIH SALIS writes:-

“””After one month of marriage Mirza Mehmood sent his son Mirza Nasir to England for higher studies. During this period newly wed Mansoora Begum has faced the situation with great patience and courage. She did not mention of her pain to anyone else.
Once she did not receive money from Mirza Mahmood for his daily expenditures. She wanted to send a letter to her husband in England but had no money to pay postal charges. She was so self honoured a lady that she did not ask for the money even from her parents. So she took one of relative into confidence and sold the real silver or gold embroidery (suchha Gota) of her Dupatta.”””

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