We have written over and over again how Ahmadiyya is dead in the West without immigration, i.e., the asylum scams that the Mirza family keeps running. The Mirza family should be arrested and forced to pay reparations, similar to how the wife of Bernie Madoff has been treated.  Nonetheless, in the USA, Canada, Germany and the USA, Ahmadiyya youth hate their religion, they hate the stupid and silly Ahmadi mullahs who fear job security so much that they pressure Ahmadi’s to pay more and give free labor.
______________________________________________________________________________________________A scan from an Ahmadiyya Discussion Board on Facebook

There is a new Facebook Discussion Forum wherein young western born Ahmadis have been lashing out at the Ahmadiyya mullahs and aunties.

Ahmadi’s will argue that most Western born Sunni/Shia Muslims are also leaving Islam and etc

We anticipate all of the silly arguments that come out of Ahmadi’s. In this case, if Ahmadi’s do make this counter argument, we will further counter that since Ahmadi’s are the saved sect (per Ahmadi’s), this shouldn’t be happening to them.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Messiah wasn’t suppose to Muslims that quit Islam

Further, this goes back to the Quran and hadith. The Messiah to come would convert all Christians to Islam and 99% of the world, then the Day of Judgement would come. Moreover, it’s very ironic that MGA came, claimed to the Messiah, and still, his followers have left Salaat and have indulged in Kufr.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadi-immigrants hate Westernized Ahmadis

If you ever go to an Ahmadi-mosque in the west, you will quickly realize how all the immigrant type of Ahmadis (Pakistanis) don’t like the Western-born Ahmadi’s, the reason is, the Western born Ahmadis dont care about Ahmadiyya and live a very liberal lifestyle.