Ahmadiyya INC spends its time greasing politicians and championing religious freedom and etc.  Why?  The reason is that they always try to get political support, just like scientology.  They played these games while they were under British rule.

Why are they soooo involved with religious freedom?
Just like Scientology and other cult groups, Ahmadiyya INC has an internal business policy wherein they are taught to reach out to politicians as they seek favors, press, free marketing, and a platform to cry religious persecution and thus more asylum cases, i.e. fresh desi people to work on behalf of Ahmadiyya in the west, and thus sacrifice their lives, and their children for Ahmadiyya.  In the case of Jackie Spier and the USA, an Ahmadi, Kareem Ahmad donated heavily towards their campaigns and developed a relationship based on bribery, as they secured an caucus in the USA and many other perks.  However, these days, Kareem Ahmad is fighting for his life, since he was indicted on man-slaughter charges as he mad millions defrauding citizens of California.

Does Ahmadiyya INC follow the Johnson Amendment?
The Johnson Amendment was introduced in the USA in an attempt to further separate religious organizations from politics.  Most religious organizations are looking for political backing and seem to use this channel as a quick way to open temples, mosques and etc.  Has Ahmadiyya violated this piece of legislation?

The Ahmadiyya caucus
Ahmadiyya INC has brought together democrats and republicans as they seek to be at the forefront of explaining religious discrimination and religious freedom.  This is another political move by Ahmadiyya INC, when countries dont allow Ahmadiyya to sell their product, Ahmadiyya INC cries persecution.

Why did they invite the Rohingya Muslims?
Ahmadiyya INC is trying to make a connection with the mass murder of the Rohingya Muslims and themselves.  However, there is no comparison.  The Rohingya Muslims were displaced and murdered, in the 10’s of thousands, and simply for being Muslim.  Whereas Ahmadiyya INC goes out and tries to convert Muslims to Ahmadiyya and thus had lots of beef’s in Pakistan and British India.  Ahmadi’s are rude people, and their preaching needs to be banned by law in all Muslim countries.

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