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Abdul Majeed Salik (1894-1962), a pro Qadiani journalist and poet, (his father Abdul Qadir and paternal uncle being Qadiani), in his book “Yaran e Kuhen” (old friends) writes:

“Although, Molana Abulkalam Azad has nothing to do with the claim of Masih e Moud by Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, yet because of Mirza sahib,s religious services he was one of his fans. This was the reason-when Mirza sahib died in 1908 Molana was editor of Newspaper Vakil Amritsar, acknowledging his religious services, he wrote condolence note for Mirza Sahib. Molana came to Lahore from Amritsar and traveled all the way from Lahore to Batala with the dead body of Mirza sahib along with other mourners.”

This made the Qadianis inflated they started a propaganda like, look a great scholar like Molana Abul Kalam Azad paying homage to Mirza sahib and this a great victory and sign of truth of Mirza sahib.

Few friends of Molana AbulKalam Azad wrote to him seeking his point of view regarding Qadiani groups and explanation on the issue of condolence article and accompanying dead body from Lahore to Batala.

Molana AbulKalam Azad (1888-1958) categorically denied to have written such article and accompanying dead body from Lahore to Batala. He declared that both Qadiani and Lahories are not on true path. In this regard he expressed his views many times and two letters of Azad to Molana Hifz ur Rehman sewharvi are on record, published in Book Ifadat e Azad by Dr. Abu Salman Shah jehanpuri. Urdu screen shot attached.
English Translation is as under:-

From .19A Baliganj, Circular Road Calcutta,
18th March 1926

Muhibbi Fillah, Assalamu alaikum,
I received your letter wherein u have asked me as to which one of the Qadiani group is on right path, Qadiani or Lahori? To me both are not on right path.However, in their exaggeration, Qadiani group has gone too far that their basic beliefs have shaken. For example their faith that now it is not sufficient to believe on Islam,s basic faith and beliefs but one has to believe in the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani for completion of Iman. Although Lahori group do not exaggerate this much yet they have also gone astray because of their unreasonable faith in Mirza Qadiani. As regard the claims of Mirza ghulam Qadiani,s are concerned, one who is aware of basic faith and beliefs of Islam and have a sound mind, could not accept these claims for a moment.
Abul Kalam.

Janab Mohtaram Tasleem,
Molana has been shocked to know all this which is absolutely incorrect. Molana has never been impressed with Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, in his whole life, neither he wrote Mirza ,s condolence nor he went to Lahore to accompany his dead body to Batala. The note published in Vakil Amritsar was written by one Abdul Majeed Kapoorthalvi. Molana has specifically noted with great concern that Salik has written such baseless thing in his book. You may publish this denial from Molana.
Muhammad Ajmal Khan
Secretary to MAKA.
(Ifadat e Azad by Dr. Abu Salman Shah jehanpuri)

It is pertinent to mention here that Abdul Qadir Father of Abdul Majid Salik was a Resident of Batala district Gurdaspur he and his elder brother had converted to Ahmadiyyah, and having faith in MGAQ. (Salik confirms this in his book SARGUZISHT screen shot attached)

Bi weekly Newspaper Vakil Amritsar was owned by Khan Ata Muhammad Khan who was father of Allama Inayatullah Al Mashriqi of Khaksar Movement. In 1901 Munshi Fazil Shaikh Ghulam Muhammad Mukhtar was its editor (few title pages and one which showing name of editor is attached).

Molana Abulkalam Azad, when he was under the tutelage of Khan Ata Muhammad Khan was a part of editorial team of Vakil for 5 years from 1903 to 1908 at a young age of 15 years. The obituary note published on 30 May 1908 was written by Munshi Abdul Majeed Kapoor Thalvi and the aspect, who was the editor of Vakil at that time, could not be known.

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