Ahmadiyya sources should never be trusted, we should always be looking to verify their information. When MGA died in May of 1908, the Ahmadiyya editing team began backdating his year of birth to 1836 or 1837, which was used from June of 1908 until the 1930’s when it was officially moved to 1835, even the Lahori-Ahmadi adopted this DOB. The essay in the below, was written by Maulana Abu Kalamazad, in 1908, he seemed to be unaware that MGA had claimed prophethood.

The English Review of Religions of June 1908, did not mention the obituary of the newspaper Wakil (pronounced Vakil), the reason was that Maulana Abu Kalamazad claimed that MGA died of cholera, which was well known, even the Ahmadi Khalifa (Maulvi Noorudin) wrote the same in June of 1908. Even Farquhar wrote the same in 1915. This is also the word that was used by MGA’s father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab in the 1920’s as he narrated to Shaikh Ali Yacub Irfani his autobiography. In 1918, Ahmadi’s told Walter that MGA had died of intestine trouble, which is proof that Ahmadi’s lie openly and are willingly ordered to cover-up the truth and thus, the story was changed in Ahmadiyya history. Nowadays, Ahmadi’s are willfully ignoring the full facts of what Maulana Abu Kalamazad wrote about MGA. It should be noted that Maulana Abu Kalamazad also believed that Esa (As) had died and would never return to Earth, he also disbelieved in the hadith about the Mahdi, that’s probably why he had a good view of MGA in 1908. In 1919, he famously wrote that Ahmadi’s had gone too far by ascribing prophethood to MGA. By 1936, however, his attitude had totally changed, he called both the Qadiani and Lahori branches as mis-guided. Also, read about Abdul Majeed Salik and his testimony about Maulana Abu Kalamazad and MGA’s death. In 1914, he called Ahmadi’s as “Qadiani’s or “Lahori’s” and wrote about the split in his newspaper, the Al-Hilal.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadiyya sources purposely never quoted the Vakil of Amritsar

The academic dishonesty of Ahmadis is well known. They purposely lie and edit their own writings and refuse to acknowledge all the sources on any given topic. In this specific situation, when MGA died, Ahmadiyya leaders quoted many newspapers as they commented on the death of MGA, however, they purposely left out the Vakil. However, we have now found it…

The scan

Summary of this scan

The Vakil Amritsar dated 30th May 1908 couple of days after the death of Mirza. Its editor name mentioned on top is Dost Muhammad Shahid. Remember per Seerat ul Mahdi Mirza used to call for, this News paper from Amritsar and MGA was a regular reader of this paper in his life time.

The front page of the paper carries article on the death of Mirza as under:-
The Vakil Amritsar dated 30th May 1908

The day of 26 May 1908 will be remembered in latest religious history of India for long time when at about 10 am Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani died of cholera disease or as per saying of few due to some other disease. Late Mirza was staying at Lahore for the treatment of his wife and change of climate but the powerful order of Allah and time of departure which rich and poor common men and Nabi of great caliber have to face, has come for a person who by his amazing claims had created a tremor amongst religious ranks.”””

Some newspaper reports that are important

“””””Huzoor (Mirza Ghulam) could not talk two hours before death. Dr. Mirza Yaqoob Baig and Dr. Syed Mohammad Hussein Shah were the attending physicians. Huzoor asked for paper and wrote on it: ‘I have too much dryness. I can’t talk.’ and some other words which could not be read.”””””  (Al-Fazl, Vol. 25, No. 274, November 24, 1937)

“”””As his condition became precarious, we stayed by him and continued treatment, but his pulse stopped by 10:15 A.M., on the 26th May, 1908 he breathed his last.””””  (Al-Hakam, May 28, 1908)

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Happy Birthday to You Mirza Ghulam


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