Ahmadi’s have always harassed and disturbed ex-Ahmadi’s.  My Pakistan team has recently reported on a case from 8-4-2018.  The report is in the below.  Remember, Ahmadiyya sources never properly report on anything.  We uncovered the data on the Chakwal Mosque incident wherein an Ahmadi fired and killed a Muslim during that altercation, the Ahmadiyya press was silent.  We have also uncovered how Ahmadiyya sources lied about the Rabwah incident on May 1974, which eventually got Ahmadi’s declared as Non-Muslims.  Nevertheless, the report is posted below.  One last thing, there are many gangsters in Rabwah and all the police officers are paid off by the Mirza family.

The story
Esteemed national daily Ummat published this report in its publication dated 04.08.2018. English translation is as under:-

Qadiani goonda force tortured and injured father and three sons and threatened them of murder. The victims have filed an application before District Police Officer Chenab nagar to lodge an FIR against the Qadiani hooligans.

As per details, a father, namely Zahoor Ahmad and his three sons namely Tahir Mahmood , Aqeel Ahmad and Abrar Ahmad resident of Shokatabad Nankana Sahib Punjab, had announce to leave Qadianism and embraced Islam 6 weeks ago. However the wife of Tahir Mahmood, Sana Shad did not agree to accept Islam and had shifted to her Qadiani father,s house along with children at Chenabnagar.

Yesterday Tahir Mahmoud along with father and two brothers approached Chenabnagar to see and take his children. The father in law Rustam Ali Shad Qadiani called his Jamaat, ‘s goonda force who badly beat up the newly converted muslims fathers and sons and threatened them for their life. While talking to media, Molana Ilyas Chinioti has demanded the government to take notice of qadiani hooliganism and cause an end to it. Qadianis may be brought under the ambit of Anti Qadianiat Act otherwise he would call for a direct action.


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