MGA and his team of writers stole ideas from Sir Syed in terms of the birth and death of Esa (as), Jinn, creation theory and many other subjects.  MGA and Noorudin were unclear about the fire, was it metaphorical or literal? It seems that MGA and Noorudin were downplaying the entire event and calling it similar to MGA’s opponents throwing MGA into a metaphorical fire.  In the official 5 volume commentary by Ahmadiyya, its is left as unclear, however, they point towards a rational explanation of what happened to Abraham.  On the flip side, Sunni’s/Shias have always believed that Allah used supernatural phenomenon to keep Abraham (as) safe from the fire.  In fact, in 21:69 (or 21:70 in Ahmadiyya literature), Allah clearly says:

 “”””We said: “O fire! Be you cool and safety for Ibrahim!'”””

And thus, Muslims always believed that Allah made the fire cool and thus not burn Abraham (As).

In 1917, Muhammad Ali (the Lahori-Ahmadi) even concluded that the fire mentioned in 21:69 was actually a fire of opposition, not a real fire.

“He had also opined that the fire mentioned in 21:70 was the fire of opposition; but the Promised Messiahas observed: “There is no need to have recourse to such a construction. I too have been called Abrahamas by God. Those who are unable to comprehend how the fire was cooled for Abrahamas are welcome to throw me into the fire and see whether I emerge safe from it or not.” So Maulawi Sahibra, in refutation of Dharampal’s objection, wrote in Nur-ud-Din: “You can throw our Leader into the fire, and you will see that Allah, the Exalted, will, according to His promise, safeguard him against the fire as He had safeguarded Abrahamas.”30

30= Nuruddin p.146.


Maulana Nur-ud-Din goes on to write that the non-Muslim opponents of Mirza sahib started fires against him, the Muslim opponents started different types of fires but all were disappointed. Nur-ud-Din goes on to write:

“Abraham did not himself jump into the fire, nor do the believers or righteous or prophets themselves test Allah. They are commanded not to destroy themselves. … You foolishly say that he (HMGA) should himself enter into fire. Is this obedience to the example of prophets and messengers? The Quran says: Throw him. So you give this command to your followers and forces”.  (See Nur-ud-Din).  

“It is established that the Holy Prophet had the same nature as Abraham. Just as Abraham, for the love of Tauheed, got himself placed in the fire and then was saved by the voice of “O fire, be coolness and peace”, similarly our Holy Prophet, for the love of Tauheed, got himself placed in the fire of that persecution which, after his coming, arose all over the world” (Tiryaq-ul-Qulub, p. 155).
“When a believer wishes to be a true believer, tribulations come upon him till he thinks he is going to die. Then the mercy of Allah comes into action and the order is given: O fire, be coolness and peace.” (Al-Hakam, December 1902).

“Let any opponent try, and start a fire and place me in it. The fire will not work and Allah will save me according to His promise. But this does not mean that I should myself jump into a fire. God says: Do not destroy yourselves by your own hands. I do not enter fire deliberately. It is a promise of protection against the enemies that if they try to burn me in fire I will not burn.” (Badr, December 1903).

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