Dear readers, Ahmadi’s are extremist when it come to their “Tabligh”, which is called “Dawah:” in most Muslim circles.  Afzal Upal exposed this about Ahmadiyya in his work.  He quoted academic writers who told us that in British-India many movements like Ahmadiyya arose, which were focused on tabligh and even made tabligh a mandatory part of Islam.  Per additional academic writers on Ahmadiyya, the Ahmadi’s see religious freedom as the ability to preach openly.  Whereas, religious freedom was only meant for private functions.  However, it has turned into a big business in the west, see the life of Scientology and Jehovas Witnesses and many others.  One last thing, it’s 41:34 in Ahmadiyya Quran’s and in their magazines.

Ahmadi’s and 41:33
We are unsure what MGA wrote on it.

Not every Muslim should do tabligh or dawa
Tabligh or Dawa is not the duty of the average Muslim person, male or female.  It should only be done by qualified people.  It is really hard and takes at least 10 years of proper research to understand the Abrahamic faiths.

41:33 is about the adhan, and your actions being a model, not preaching and buying people
See Tafsir Ibn Kathir

The Ahmadiyya 5-volume commentary on 41:34

Mirza Masroor Ahmad on 41:34 in 2006

What are Ahmadi’s told to believe about 41:34?
The Mirza family uses this verse as they rape Ahmadi’s for their monies, free time, and children.  The mirza family is vicious in this regard.

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