Early academic studies on Ahmadiyya described “Ahmadiyya in Africa” as a maritime implantation, a strategic move on behalf of the British wherein they used Ahmadiyya to stop the Muslim populations from rebellion. The British and the USA were raping the Gold Coast of Africa for precious resources and needed Ahmadiyya to help end ideas of Jihad.

An important quote from this book about Ahmadiyya
See Page 80 and 81
“””A real deviation which made its appearance in Africa under European occupation was the Ahmadiyya of Qadiyan (now centred at Rabwah) which claims Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (d. 1908) as its Messiah.  Entering British West African dependencies from the sea (1921) emissaries found neo-Muslims susceptible to their propaganda.  They succeeded in building up communities by individual conversions in coastal Ghana and Nigeria, but in Northern Nigeria they came up against the entrenched prejudice of legalistic Islam.  In East Africa, on the contrary, the first missionary in 1934 found entrenched Islam on the coast and the neo-Muslims in the interior, among whom a few converts were made.  But once East and West African Muslims realized that Ahmadis were regarded as deviationists by the rest of the Muslim world they had little chance of any wide success. 

Ahmadi’s form new communities–that is what condemns them in African Muslim eyes—clearly distinguished from other Muslims by their whole attitude and outlook, by such non-conformism as refusal to pray behind a non-Ahmadi imam, by deviations from Islamic law or simply from African Islamic practice, such as their allowing women to enter mosques.  Their influence has been greater than as reckoned in purely quantitative terms.  They have shown enthusiasm for education, and through their aggressive propaganda and literature, especially their translations of the Quran into African languages, they have provoked discussion and controversy.”””


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