As 1989 approached, Mirza Tahir Ahmad began telling all Ahmadi authors to tell the world that there were more then 10 million Ahmadi’s or 1 crore.  We have found a souvenir edition from 1989, which is still on the official Ahmadiyya website.  The editor of this souvenir actually is Aftab A. Bismil, he put this project together and had it published.

Another Souvenir also says 10 million
See page 10.

The Review of Religions, June 1989, claims 10 million Ahmadi’s (see page 4)
Every single Ahmadiyya publication by 1989 was claiming 10 million Ahmadi’s.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad is interviewed by the Sunday Times and says that in 1979, there were 10 million Ahmadis
In the same very edition of the ROR, Mirza Tahir Ahmad tells the Sunday Times that the 3rd Khalifa estimated 10 million Ahmadi’s in 1979.  He also gave 5 million as the number of Pakistani Ahmadi’s and he estimated 8-10,000 Ahmadi’s in the UK, of which 99% were Pakistani-Ahmadi’s (see page 13).

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