MGA was a bon-vivant, so was his promised son, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, this exactly how MGA was presented by the same son in court in the 1930’s. As we all know, MGA kept many female night attendants, who were required to massage MGA’s legs as well as care for his other needs. In fact, we have found that one of the female relatives of Fauzia Faizi was used a night-worker for MGA, massaging his legs and taking care of all of his needs. Later on, the same people would infiltrate Fauzia Faizi’s home and begin raping her. The relative of Fauzia that connects her to Ahmadiyya is Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah. Remember, only MGA’s inner circle was allowed into his house, and those people were mostly tight lipped about the “goings-on” in the Mirza household. Nevetheless, in the below, we show a scenario wherein MGA had 2 women on his bed, and thus invited more to come and sit on his bed. Remember, these are the old charpais, they aren’t very big, for 4 people to sit on it is remarkable, they must have all squeezed in and been in a situation wherein legs are over legs and etc.
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Quotation ref 1524 seertul mahdi (part 5)

Rough english translation 
On authority of rasool Bibi, that a Lady came while she was wearing gold ornaments and sat on the bed on which Mirza and his wife was sitting. The Other “young-ladies” started laughing and said that if they had Gold rings and ornaments, they could have also sit on his bed. The wife of Mirza related that the Girls had such a conversation. MGA (on getting knowledge of this scenario) laughed and called those ladies to sit on his bed.


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