I have covered this topic before. MGA needed toilet attendants and other fan-waving attendants all night and all day. MGA would get naked in front of these people and vice versa, here is yet another narration from Seeratul Mahdi which proves these facts.

Quotation no. 910 seertul Mahdi written by mirza Bashir m.a son of mirza qadyani

“””Daughter of Doctor syed Abdul sattar shah sahb I,e zainub begum remain with Mirza qadyani for three months and provided services of fan And Other services etc in midnight and was very happy over providing services to Mirza qadyani during nights .It is quoted by mirza qadyani that from Ishaaa till fajar she use to provide so much services that even he feel ashamed over it( services).”””””

The scan

An additional quote … ahdi_3.pdf
pdf page no. 221 / 316
Narration no. 786

“Mai Rasool Bibi widow of Hafiz Hamid Ali through Molvi Abdul Rahman Jatt narrated to me that there was time when wife of Babu Shah Din and myself used to stand guard at night. Mirza had given these standing instructions that if he talked while sleeping, wake him up. Once I heard him saying some words and I woke him up. The time was 12 ‘O clock midnight. In those days, Mai Fajjo (a lady), Mrs. Munshi M. Din and Mrs. Shah Din used to stand guard. “