I have covered this topic before. MGA needed toilet attendants and other fan-waving attendants all night and all day. MGA would get naked in front of these people and vice versa, here is yet another narration from Seeratul Mahdi which proves these facts. In the below, you will see the story of Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar Shah and how his daughter Zainab spent 3 months in service to MGA, late-nights. These services were fan and massage. A great-grand-daughter of Dr. Abdus Sattar Shah is Fauzia Faizi, she recently gave an interview wherein she exposed the level of incest and rape that existed in the household of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad. Fauzia Faizi is the niece of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, her mom’s female cousin is married to Mirza Tahir Ahmad. Fauzia Faizi is also a second or third cousin of Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s wife (Subuhee or Amatul Sabooh). By 1907, he was living in Qadian and tending to Mirza Mubarak Ahmad. He was chosen to give his infant daughter in marriage for MGA’s dying son, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad. They were married per some weird desi custom wherein marrying off a dying kid might somehow save his life. He sided with the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s and remained loyal to the Mirza family after 1914. In the 1917-1921 era, he agreed to marry off the same daughter (who had already married Mirza Mubarak Ahmad) to the Khalifa. She was very young, barely 10-11 years old. She is the famous mother of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, she was affectionately called Umme-Tahir by her inner circle and outer circle of Ahmadi’s. Syeda Maryam was dead by 1944, her cause of death is unknown, she was roughly 37.

Safiya Begum was the daughter of Maulvi Abdul Qadir. When she was a child (Roughly 1905), under 10 years old, she was sent to Qadian to spend days and nights with MGA in his private quarters, giving him massages and etc.

In 1922-1923, she was a teacher in the Nusrat Jehan girls high-school at Qadian (which was operated by Lajna Ima’illah) and gave an account of her services to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (See Seeratul Mahdi). There is also the famous story of MGA pouring hot water on her arm as a punishment for warming up MGA’s toilet water too much (See in the below). MGA seems to have been really harsh with her.

There are other stories of MGA having women taking baths in-front of him in Darul Zikr. We also know that Barkat Bibi told Mirza Ghulam Ahmad about pain in her vagina. We have presented many quotations in the below which prove that MGA always kept toilet attendants who also worked as masseuses. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad got massages from female doctor’s too.

Interestingly enough, Mahmud Ahmad was accused of the same crimes in 1906, he had some type of affair with the daughter of a male-attendant of MGA. Between 1927 and 1937, several members within the community began to allege that Mahmood Ahmad was involved in acts of sexual impropriety. To exonerate himself of these accusations, Mahmood Ahmad stated:

“”””To advance an objection against me even though that objection be true makes a man enter hell””” (AL-FAZL, 4 NOV. 1927).

In 1935, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad described his father as a bon-vivant. He was in court and dealing with a Hindu Judge, Justice Khosla (see page 122), this judge dealt with ahmadiyya fairly and called it fangled and disturbing, he made many other comments about sex drugs and etc. This had happened before, almost all the Hindu judges who saw a case involving MGA, they found him guilty, however, in all of these cases, MGA would win on appeal, either that or a British judge would exonerate MGA (see the story of abdul hameed being sent for murder). Even the Lahori-Ahmadi’s weighed in and condemned the behaviors of the Qadiani Khalifa. Muhammad Ali commented on the matter here and seemed taken aback by the behaviors of his former colleagues (see page 3).

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Seertul Mahdi, Quotation no. 910

“””Daughter of Doctor syed Abdul sattar shah sahb (zainub begum remain) with Mirza qadyani for three months and provided services of fan And Other services etc in midnight and was very happy over providing services to Mirza qadyani during nights. It is quoted by mirza qadyani that from Ishaaa till fajar she use to provide so much services that even he feel ashamed over it( services).”””””

The scan

An additional quote … ahdi_3.pdf
pdf page no. 221 / 316
Narration no. 786

“Mai Rasool Bibi widow of Hafiz Hamid Ali through Molvi Abdul Rahman Jatt narrated to me that there was time when wife of Babu Shah Din and myself used to stand guard at night. Mirza had given these standing instructions that if he talked while sleeping, wake him up. Once I heard him saying some words and I woke him up. The time was 12 ‘O clock midnight. In those days, Mai Fajjo (a lady), Mrs. Munshi M. Din and Mrs. Shah Din used to stand guard. “

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