We have collected lots of data on the men and woman who have massaged him and why. It turns out, these were his bathroom attendants. You see, MGA had broken his right-arm very early in life, most likely pre-1857, since MGA was the only male in his entire family who didn’t help the British fight off his fellow country men, most likely because MGA’s couldnt lift a rifle with his right arm so despite being 17-24 years old, he was useless. Nevertheless, MGA ate and drank with his left hand exclusively, however, he couldnt properly clean his own excretions, thus a bathroom attendant was always on duty for MGA. These bathroom attendants also gave MGA massages, sometimes they were men and sometimes they were women, they were mostly poverty stricken people who lived on the roadways and gypsys and etc, those types of people were happily ready to be employed in all such household cleaning jobs. MGA’s top 3 toilet attendants were Shaikh Hamid Ali, Pir Sirajul-Haqq Nu‘mani and Muhammad Abdullah Sanauri.


MGA fabricated the story of the red drops, MGA was with his bathroom attendant, Abdullah Sanoori. MGA was in his new bathroom, which was inside the newly built Masjid Mubarak, MGA had most likely used the bathroom and his attendant was most likely always used to cleaning MGA’s body, he saw red drops which seem to have come from nowhere. However, it was most likely a part of MGA’s excretion.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________From 1880-1889, Shaikh Hamid Ali was also a toilet attendant of MGA

Ahmadiyya leadership lied about the First Bait ceremony in 1889

_____________________________________________________________________________________________These attendants sometimes asked MGA questions on religion

“””On the authority of myIan bhagou and bannou , that bhannou asked to MIrZa Qadyani that ” does one get good deeds for prayer (salllat ) ,????

He ( mirza Qadyani ) replied that ” one will neither get any punishment nor good deeds for prayer ( sallat ) . Five times prayer must not be left ………….”

1302 seertul Mahdi – fifth part . Written by son of mirza qadyani mirza Bashir m.a”””

The scan

Bhano also tells us

Quotation no.786 seertul Mahdi .( third part )

1- Women use to guard mirza qadyani at night

2- Mirza qadyani use to give them instructions to wake him up if he talk during his sleep

3- And their names were mai rasool Bibi, sister of babu shah seen, mai fajou, sister of Munshi Mohammad.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Another ref from Al-Fazl
Al Fazl, March 20, 1928, pages 6-7, by Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani

“My late wife…..went to Hazrat Promised Messiah at the age of 15 in Dar-ul-Iman (Mirza’s private room) …the sire very much liked her service of massage his legs” 

Al-Fazl of 3-20-1928

______________________________________________________________________________________________SEERATUL MAHDI PART III PAGE 722

(780). Dr Mir Muhammad Ismail narrated that Ummul Momineen (Nusrat Jahan begum) once told that hazrat sahab had an old women servant namely Bhano. One winter night when it was chilling cold she started massaging the legs of hazrat sb. Since she was massaging the legs of hazrat sb without removing quilt so she could not have any idea as to what she was massaging, was wooden side piece of bed. After a while hazrat sb said to bhano. It is very cold tonight bhano? Bhano replied in punjabi “HAN JI TADE E TE TUHADIYAN LATTAN LAKRI WANGOON HOYAN HOYAN AIN.” MEANING:- Yes sir that is why your legs have become stiff as wood.

This humble self states that hazrat sahab by asking question from Bhano might have drawn her attention to the fact that extreme cold has made u so senseless that, u don,t even realise whatever u r massaging are not my legs but these are wooden pieces of bed. But her answer turned it into a laughing stock. This humble self says that bhano was a resident of village Basra near Qadiyan and was a faithful and religious lady according to her environment.
Seeratul Mahdi: Volume 1, Page 758, Narration # 847] (Direct Link to the Book)



               “Mother of Aziz Zafar Ahmad narrated that Hadrat Maseeh Maud (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) usually used warm water in order to clean himself in the toilet and did not use cool water. One day Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was going to toilet for call of nature so he ordered one of the maid to put water in the vessel and take it to the toilet. The maid mistakenly put very hot water in the vessel. When Mirza Ghulam Qadiani came out of the toilet he asked who brought the vessel in the toilet? When Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was informed that a certain maid had kept it, he told the servant to extend her hands. Then he poured all the remaining Hot Water on her hands so that she could realize that such hot water could not be used for cleaning (the feces). He did not say anything else to her (after pouring hot water on her hands).”


Mufti Muhammad Sadiq tells us

Zikray Habib page 34 book By Qadyani Companion Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. A small Toilet was changed into room in Gurdaspur for mirza Qadyani after cleaning and adding tiles. Mirza Qadyani then use to sit alone locked inside that room for 2/3 hours .

The scan from Zikr-e-Habib

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