We all know that the first Ahmadi to ever run for the U.S. Senate is Qasim Rashid.  However, there seems to be another, his name is Shahid Buttar.  We have never seen him at any “Qadiani”-Ahmadi event, however, he could have been born as a “Lahori-Ahmadi” or maybe he is just a rogue Ahmadi who doesn’t follow the Mirza family.  At this point, we don’t know, hopefully, he reaches out to us and lets us know.  Buttar’s parents emigrated from Pakistan to Great Britain before he was born to escape religious persecution (the family belongs to a sect of Islam called Ahmadiyya that Buttar says is the Muslim equivalent of Unitarianism).  We think that Shahid Buttar is a cool guy, he raps, dances and his great speaking ability.


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