The first Mirza Mubarak Ahmad died in 1907. 7 years later, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad became the Khalifa at Qadian (1914) and named his 2nd eldest as Mirza Mubarak Ahmad. Was there a connection with the Musleh Maud? The Khalifa was denying the constant assertions of Qadiani-Ahmadi’s, who kept asserting that he was the Musleh Maud.

Nevertheless, the second Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was born in 1914, his date of death is unknown. At the 1938 Jalsa at Qadian, the 2nd Khalifa (his father) announced his nikah with his first cousin, in the house of the 2nd Khalifa’s youngest sister, Amtul Hafeez.

He was alive until at least 1970. He seems to have been a dedicated worker for Ahmadiyya at Rabwah. He was working as the Secretary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Foreign Missions.

His mother and siblings

His mother was married to Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad in 1902, she was only 10, she’s the daughter of Khalifa Rashid ud Din, she had only one sister, she was married into a Sunni-Muslim family, relatives, Khalifa Rashid ud Din only had 2 kids, both girls. He seems to have had 2 wives and might have became a Lahori-Ahmadi. It is unknown where he is buried at.

Rashida Begum, also called Mehmooda Begum and Umme Nasir (mother of nasir), she died in 1958, in Murree, Pakistan. Age at marriage 11 years, DoB: 1891 Reference (Hazrat Sayeda Mahmooda Begum Sahiba, pg 1- Urdu) Marriage: 2 Oct 1902 – Rukhstana 8-4 October 1903 Reference (Fazl-e-Umar, pg 77- Eng).

Three children died in infancy, among them was Mirza Naseer Ahmad, a son born in 1906.

1. Mirza Nasir Ahmad, son (born in 1909 died in 1982)
2. Naasira Begum, daughter (She married her first cousin, Mirza Mansoor Ahmad, their son is Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the current Ahmadi Khalifa). Mirza Masroor Ahmad has 2 children, Mirza Waqas Ahmad and Amtul Waris Farah.

3. Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, son–born-May 1914
4. Mirza (Dr.) Munawwar Ahmad, son, 1918–1990. He had 5 children, 4 girls, 1 boy and by 1990, 14 grandchildren.

5. Mirza Hafeez Ahmad, son
6. Mirza Azhar Ahmad, son
7. Mirza Anwar Ahmad, son, he married Sabeeha Sahiba.
8. Mirza Rafiq Ahmad, son
9. Naseera Begum, daughter

He is born in May of 1914.

At the 1938 Jalsa at Qadian, the 2nd Khalifa (his father) announced his nikah with his first cousin, in the house of the 2nd Khalifa’s youngest sister, Amtul Hafeez.

He wrote “Our Foreign Missions” (1957) which explains the spread of Ahmadiyya in the world.

The 3rd edition (1961) of “Our Foreign Missions” was published. The first two editions are 1958 and 1959, it is unclear why there was a need for new editions so quickly, it seems like an editing job. Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was the secretary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Foreign Missions. This book was a speech that he gave at the 1957 Jalsa-Rabwah.

He also got the Khalifa’s (also his father) famous book, “Invitation to Ahmadiyya” (written in 1926) translated into english and wrote the forward.

He is at the Jalsa in Indonesia, he gives a speech which is converted into a book “The Promised Messiah”, a famous book.

In the late 1960s, focus was once again drawn towards the Japan. On 29 October 1968,
Sahibzada Mirza Mubarak Ahmad Sahib, Wakile-Ala and Wakil-ul-Tabshir Tahrik-e-Jadid,
visited Japan to assess the situation and once again reignite the propagation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim mission. He remained in Japan until 13 November 1968. (Al Fazl, 19 November 1968).


He supervises the publishing of a pamphlet named, “Tahrik e Jadid”.

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