Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was vicious against his near relatives in Qadian, India. They opposed MGA, since MGA wanted to marry his 12-year old triple niece, Muhammadi Begum. In March of 1888, MGA’s niece (the daughter of Mirza Nizam ud Din) died and MGA published an announcement in jest. MGA also published a 31-month prophecy about his near relatives, the prophecy failed, but Ahmadi editors tried to fix it. It was further claimed by him that he made this prophecy before noteable Hindus who signed an agreement in writing with him in this regard. He said these hindus wanted to see some Sign of truthfulness of Islam. He gave the names of these Hindus as Pandit Bharamal, Pandit Beejnath, Bishandas Brahman and Bishendas Khatri. See Majmoa Ishtiharat, Vol-1, page 95.
Lekh Ram challenged MGA’s data

Pandit Lekhram, an opponent of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad contacted the above named Hindus to know the factual position. The said hindus denied to have signed agreement with Mirza or having heard of a prophecy like this from him. They told Lekhram that they are all illiterates, unable to read and write. Mirza sb noted down their names on a piece of paper saying that he would tell them HARAM, (they said haram instead of Ilham out of ignorance).

Pandit Lekhram then published an Ishtihar that Mirza sb is telling a lie that he made agreement and prophesied regarding Loss of Mirza Nizam Din. The said ishtihar is available in his book Kulliyat Ariya Musafir Vol-3.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Pandit Lekhram proved that :-
—No agreement was signed with Mirza by hindus.

—No prophesy was made by Mirza qadiani and Nothing regarding death or calamity to Mirza Nizamdin was mentioned by Mirza Ghulam qadiani before these hindus.

—Mirza Ghulam Qadiani fabricated a false story to catch up the opportunity on the death of Mirza Nizam Din’s daughter.  Further, one wonder as to how the death of daughter of Mirza Nizam, obviously a muslim, can be the sign of truthfulness of Islam?

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