We can all agree on the similarities between Baha’i’s and Ahmadi’s. In fact, Maulvi Abdullah was an Ahmadi and converted to Baha‘ism. It is also rumored that in the late 1920s or early 1930s Mirza Mahmud Ahmad had to expel some members of his Jamaat who were found out to be secret Bahais and were using the Qadiani Jamaat platform to propagate their own beliefs. One of them had even become either editor or deputy editor of Al-Fazl.

The data

”The Bhai religion has continued to grow – in 1990 several individuals converted from Ahmadiyya to the Bahá’í Faith and formed an assembly.”
Ref: Cameron, G.; & Momen, W. (1996). A Basic Bahá’í Chronology. Oxford, UK: George Ronald. p. 467.  In the year 1990, FEB The first local spiritual assembly compromised entirely of newly enrolled Baha’is of Ahmadiyya background is formed in Chak No. 8P Katta, Pakistan. [BINS219:5]   


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