A group of Ahmadi’s who were living in Lahore, British India in 1913 got approval from the Khalifa (Noorudin) to publish this magazine. It was another Ahmadiyya magazine, there were just a few at the time, the english ROR, the urdu ROR, the al-Badr was shut down by the British government towards the end of 1913, and the Al-Hakam. In the early part of June-1913 the first edition of the “Paigham-e-Sulh” was issued from Lahore, and towards the middle of the same month the Al-Fadl (6-18-1913)(also spelled Al-Fazl) made its appearance from Qadian. Sayyid
Inamullah Shah was a manager of the Paigham-e-Sulh, as was Babu Manzur Ilahi. The archives can be found here.

The Paigham-e- Sulh dated 14th January 1914, page 13, as quoted by the Khalifa in “Truth About the Split”

“The people who wrote the Izharul Haq and those who published the open letter as well as those who discussed the question of Khilafat and those who published the booklets what right had they to do so?”
Paigham-e-Sulh March 3, 1914, as quoted by the Khalifa in “Truth About the Split”

—’even the Miyań has not understood it’

Thus in a Friday khutba published in Paigham Sulh of 6 June 1916, see also “Mujahid e Kabir”, “A Mighty Striving”, online english edition of 2004.

he (Muhammad Ali ) said:

“I put the proposal of translating the Quran before the Anjuman and wrote in it that if the Anjuman cannot bear the expenses then Allah will provide some other means for me. I did not say to the Anjuman I am your employee so give me some work, but I said I want to translate the Quran and if the Anjuman cannot bear the expenses then God will provide some other means. Allah brought that about as well, that the Anjuman declined to pay the expenses and the generous Lord gave me other means.”

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