Per Ahmadi sources, this book was written and published in 1898, the book is in arabic, however, it comes with an urdu and persian translation, in english, the title would be “The Guiding Star” (see Hidden Treasures). This is the book wherein MGA calls his enemies as worst than pigs and bitches. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s have translated this book into english in 1933 and 1960, however, the translation is softened, for example, they didn’t translate the word kuttiyan as bitches, instead, they translated it as “curs”. In this book, MGA claimed that his father and older brother hated him and MGA’s god caused them to die, so that MGA could make his wild claims. A short translation of this book appeared in the ROR of July-1923 as well as May/June-1923.

“Our enemies have becomes the pigs of the jungle, and their women have become worse than bitches”

The Urdu transliteration
“dushman humaray bayabanauan ke khanzeer go gaey aur un ki aurtain kuttiyan se barrh gaee hain” (Najamul Huda, page 53).

_____________________________________________________________________________________________page 10 Najmul Huda RK Vol-14 pages- 51-52. This is also found in the 2018 online english edition of Tadhkirah. 

“I was kind of a man who likes to remain in isolation and gets fed up with social interaction. My father lost hope in me thinking me as only a guest who shared his bread and butter. So he admonish me with fury and advise me for the worldly progress day in and day out. He motivates me to the worldly gain while my hearts move me to god. So was my brother. To me he was of same behaviour as was my father. So god did not allow them to live longer and gave both of them the death. God said to me he was to do this so that those who have enmity with you may not live longer and their admonishing may not harm you.”
From the 2018 online edition of Tadhkirah

“””I had, by nature, a retiring disposition and did not take happily to meeting people, which bore heavily on me. My father was disappointed in me because of this and considered that I was like a guest in the house requiring only board and lodging and realized that I preferred to be left alone and was not happy in the company of people. He admonished me sharply over this and counselled me, day and night, openly and in secret, to try to make material progress and directed my attention to worldly attractions, but I was being drawn very strongly towards God. My brother was like my father in these matters and he also treated me in the same way. Allah the Almighty caused both of them to die, and did not prolong their lives and He revealed to me that:

[Arabic] This is the way it should have been, so that those who bear animosity to you may be
removed and you should not be hurt by their remonstrance.”””

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