My team and I continue to collect archival material on the Ahmadiyya Movement.  In this instance, we have found the ROR of 1932 and some specific pages.  This article in the ROR specifically tells us about Ahmadiyya operations in Syria, Egypt and Damascus. Ray Register wrote an extensive thesis in 1970 also. There is another ROR essay of 1931 which also tells us about Ahmadiyya in Syria and Palestine in this era.

Jalal-uddin Shams mentions hows Jews are taking over Palestine
Firstly, the British Government was administering these lands and was allowing Jews to move in and buy land.  The same British Government had helped Ahmadi’s in Israel and most likely led them to Kababir.

Cement of Superior quality?  From Kababir? 
Jalal-uddin Shams mentions how there was a huge family business in Kababir in cement work.  This seems to have been a multi-million dollar enterprise (by today’s standards).  Register mentions this fact also, it seems that the family that owned this business was totally converted to Ahmadiyya before Shams left.  However, Shams tells us that some Jewish people had bought and taken over this business.  We are not sure of the implications of this quite yet.

The Review of Religions (ROR) of January 1932, pages 30-34+imag

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