Most #ahmadis in America don’t pay chanda, and if they do, its very small. Just last year, at the annual Jalsa in the USA, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad (the younger brother of the Khalifa) reported that 33% of the Ahmadi Jamaat is paying 84% of the chanda (see at the 10:00 minute mark). We are quite sure that the majority of the collected chanda comes from Ahmadi’s who are immigrants, since we know that the american born #ahmadis aren’t giving up their money. In terms of Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya, Only 22% of MKA chanda stays local, 48% goes to the National headquarters and 30% goes to London. Further, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad says that this is not considered financial sacrifice, american’s don’t do that, he says this in a very rude way.

The Wasiyyat scam
Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad even says that 29% of the USA jamaat are part of the Wasiyyat program. And the percentage seems to be dropping. Since the older Ahmadis are dying off.

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